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Why should I continue to improve?

So, you keep telling me I should study, take workshops, improve?

But why??? I'm happy! I have my partners, cabeceo works and I get to dance wonderfully at almost every milonga. I don't need to improve. I'm good enough! Right?

- Well, yes and no. There are two ways to be tango-happy. I tried both, and here is my story.

I discovered I was tango-gifted early on, went to many classes, started travelling to festivals and marathons after less than a year in tango, got to know and dance with thousands of good partners in Europe and further for many years. People invited me, liked me, told me I was good. I felt like a queen on the dance floor. I still took classes now and then, but didn't really think they were THAT necessary. I was already good, "one of the best".

Or so I thought. Until one day, I saw a video of myself from some marathon. And it upset me, since by that time I knew what "good dancer" was like, and that didn't look like me. Shoulders up, walk heavy, hips in too much movement, neck broken. It wasn't bad-bad, but it definitely wasn't what I imagined I looked like!

And I changed everything. I started from 0. Posture, walk, embrace.

It has been years now since that moment, and I still see sooooo much ahead! It's the most exciting thing I have ever experienced, this anticipation of improvement. I'm surely a lot better than before, but no matter what, getting BETTER never stops 🙂

Try it! Join us! It's worth it, trust me!

Olga Metzner

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