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Four Levels of Musicality

Musicality is so much more than just what music you hear and phrasing.

Let's study! Mini group.

Singles and couples. 4 hours total

Four Levels of Musicality is a series of 4 essential workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of expression and music in your tango.

Wednesdays, 12.06, 19.06, 26.06 and 3.07, 8.00 - 9.00pm 

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Did you know that there are FOUR layers of musicality we can and should express?

Musicality goes far beyond phrasing, type of orchestra and speed / pause. It's not even just in the instruments or syncopations you can catch. That is just the fundamental beginning!

Without music, there is no tango. Even if everything in your technique, vocabulary and connection is there, you can't dance without music. And many dancers often think that musicality is something natural. "I know the music, so I can dance to it. No need for more classes". But there is much more to it, and musicality is the one thing that makes the difference when you dance all night. Your every move, breath, pause and embrace should express something, tell a story, have a meaning to you and your partner. 

I created this seminar from the desire to share acquired knowledge and offer you an opportunity to really understand what it means, to express. I love expression and the freedom of it beyond anything. It's a power and strength and joy. It is ART. But this power needs exploring and expanding. We will study not only the music itself, but our reaction to it, and our reaction to our partner's reaction. And then we will apply extra freedom of expression on top of it. Trust me, it's going to be an amazing journey!

When and what: 

Wednesday, 12.06, 8-9pm

Musicality Level 1.

Music dictates and invites. Timing, speed, pausing, dynamics.


​Wednesday, 19.06, 8-9pm

Musicality Level 2.

Our reaction to music. What do we choose?

Wednesday, 26.06, 8-9pm

Musicality Level 3.

Response to our partner. To agree, to change, to add?

Wednesday, 3.07, 8-9pm

Musicality Level 4.

The freedom of expression. The emotional and the human side of musicality in tango.

We will work for total of 4 hours, in 4 sessions, one hour each


Who: followers and leaders, ideally in couples but singles also welcome! Places limited to max. 12 participants
Booking required!

Location: Covent Garden, 14 Bull Inn Court, Flat 11, WC2R 0NP

Recommendation: We will be building up, using info we learned in previous workshops. Therefore, it is highly recommended to attend the whole seminar, plus you get a £15 discount! 

And an even bigger discount (-£40!) if you come as a couple!


Waiting for you and looking forward!

Olga Metzner

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