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Study and Improve

My aim is to get you dancing beautifully, freely, with excellent technique, while enjoying eyes on you when you are in a milonga

The ultimate goal of my classes is to get you to dance with people you most want to dance with

I will become your mentor and your go-to reference for any dance-related questions you may have


Photo and dress by Tangoinstyle

Dear dancer, 

I want to inspire you.


There is amazing potential in everyone.

I believe that everyone can become an incredible dancer. It does take work, but it is so worth it. And this work can be really fun, it will give you wings to reach new heights.

I want to help you with your tango, make you glide on the floor knowing you are beautiful. Private classes are the most effective way to learn and create your own tango and develop outstanding, eye-catching technique. I will help you find the most comfortable embrace, posture and elegant walk. Pay attention to the walk of great masters. It is the key to becoming an excellent dancer! 

Confidence will come to you more naturally when you know you are good at what you're doing. And confidence plus being beautiful, smooth and creative in your tango is a sure way to catch attention of people you most want to dance with. If this is your goal, as it often is for most of us, I can help you.


Over years of dancing, teaching, studying and working intensely on my own technique and development, I gathered invaluable lessons that I want to share with you. Let's get you inspired, beautiful and so much Tango-BETTER!

With lots of tango-love,


I invite you to work with me individually or in very small groups on things that will transform your dance, embrace, balance, connection and confidence.

Classes for leaders, followers and couples.

Private Study Classes

  • 1-on-1 or couple;

  • Undivided attention just to you and your needs;

  • We will go through your questions;

  • I will help you identify things in your dance that need corrections and explain why;

  • We will set goals for your development;

  • We will come up with individual exercises and tips that will help you achieve what you want;

  • I can monitor your development and set you a personal program of your own tango evolution.

Semi-Private Study Classes


1 class - £60

5 classes - £280 (save £20)

10 classes - £550 (save £50)

Class duration is 1 hour

Location: Central London


1 class - £25 p.p. or £40 per couple

5 classes - £120 p.p. or £190 per couple

10 classes - £230 p.p. or £370 per couple

Class duration is 1 hour

Location: Central London

  • 4 people or 2 couples;

  • You can book together with friends;

  • In the first part of class, we will work on things as a group;

  • Afterwards, I will give individual feedback to each student, make corrections and explain why;

  • I will set a bit of time at the end for each student to get feedback from others in the group. Peer review is a very powerful tool;

  • I can monitor your development and help set up a goal for each student, as well as outline what how to achieve it.

My goal is to help you feel more confident, comfortable and beautiful in your dance.

Ultimate aim is, beside your personal development, to have a growing community of excellent and inspired dancers 

Book classes or ask me a question

+44 755 278 7401

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Thank you very much for contacting me about classes! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Olga

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