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Let's Make it Personal - our video-project

for the benefit of anyone interested in tango

TangoBETTER is a community thing. Therefore, we decided to actively engage with the community and started this video-project. We will be getting out a video dedicated to tango once a week on topics ranging from emotions in tango through taking care of your shoes and feet, to personal stories and advice. We will conduct interviews with maestros we invite, as well as speak to local and international dancers of all levels including beginners. 
This project is really intended to expand our vision, help all of us in the community to understand tango and each other better, and to connect to one another more. 
Please feel free to suggest topics you would like to have covered in this video project!


Episode 1 - Introduction:

Episode 2 - What is tango? A practical video for anyone who doesn't know much about it:

Episode 3 - How to take care of your dancing body? Some practical advice for dancers of all levels:

Episode 4 - Technique vs. Expression

How to find inspiration and what does it mean to give and to get:

Episode 5 - Happiest Tango Moment

I share with you my favourite tango story, a special moment I cherish:

Episode 6 - Two Views on Connection

A chat with Vicente on connection for leaders and followers:

Episode 7 - Fun Facts about Maja and Marko. Interview with Maestros, Part 1

New episode soon! Stay tuned

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