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Our Regular Mini-Group Classes.

Relaxed, fun, inspiring and effective.

Tango classes aimed at having fun, and growing into a new generation of excellent, confident and popular dancers.  

Very attentive, friendly and dedicated approach. 

Mini-groups to help you progress much quicker.

And of course, drinks and snacks included, because we want you to relax and enjoy!

Learn Tango with Us

Dear dancers, 

Tango is really joyful and beautiful.

You want to enjoy tango classes, have fun in milongas because you are a good, versatile and inspired dancer, and have a community of like-minded friends around you?


Our aim is just that: to provide you with necessary tools for becoming very good dancers, all while you have a lot of fun in the process. Therefore, we wanted to offer what London doesn't have: combination of mini-groups, experienced and dedicated teachers, relaxed atmosphere with tea and cookies, beautiful venue, and a clear goal of making your tango journey inspiring!

You will find that all aspects of tango are exciting and fun, and we will be your supporters and mentors along the way. Whatever your question or need, you will always find support with our team of encouraging, attentive and friendly TangoBETTER teachers and assistants. 

Tango is not only learning and dancing, it is also a beautiful way to socialize with like-minded people, and TangoBETTER is the platform exactly for that!

Olga and TangoBETTER team

Join our regular classes in a mini-group format. Maximum personal attention, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, fast and inspired learning!

Book regular classes

*for couples or equal numbers of followers and leaders, Tuesday group

Beginners 2

Course duration: 10 sessions

When: Soon restarting!

Price: £90 p.P. whole course or

£10 p.P. drop-in

Location: Central London

  • Our Beginner 2 level classes will take you from recent beginners to dancers with good vocabulary, confidence and good skills.

  • You will have lots of fun, and teas and cookies are included!

  • Small group! You will get maximum personal attention from teachers, and progress faster!

  • This course prepares you for the "Social Dancer" course and provides you with most necessary skills for happy and comfortable dancing

Social Dancer

  • Normal tango classes with figures, musicality & technique + additional information about milongas, behavior, navigation, dressing, invitation etc.

  • Specials of the course: mock-milongas. You try invitations, dancing, rejections and navigation in the comfort of the group, we discuss any issues.

  • We will head to real milongas all together - min. 5 socials together! You will feel a lot more comfortable and safe to go on your own!

Course duration: 10 sessions

When: Soon restarting!

Price: £90 p.P. whole course or

£10 p.P. drop-in

Location: Central London

Book classes or ask us a question

+44 755 278 7401

Please note that we need your name and e-mail address so we can communicate with you concerning your queries. We never store any of your personal data and will never pass on any information given to us to anyone else. 

  • This is our personal project directed at getting a limited amount of people to become top-level tango dancers with good skills, musicality and vocabulary.

  • Weekly dose of information, personal feedback and homework.

  • Small and well-fitting group of 5-6 couples.

  • Very deep study of various subjects, up to 4-6 weeks per topic.

  • Min. 8 months active dancing and studying experience required

From Intermediate to Advanced

Course duration: 60 sessions, in 5 Blocks of 12 sessions

When: 2 Groups

Group 1: Tuesdays 20.00-21.15

Group 2: Mondays 20.00-21.15

Price: £140 p.P. per Block (12 lessons)

Location: Central London

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Thank you very much for contacting me about classes! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Olga

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