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Privates and Workshops

Let us inspire you.

We are in love with the beauty, growth and joy of dancing

Soon again!

Soon again!

Private Classes

with Olga

I invite you to work with me individually on things that will transform your dance, embrace, balance, connection and confidence. Make a difference in your tango!

My aim is to inspire you, make you feel and look beautiful and help you reach new heights in tango

Dancers that Amaze

Deep Technique

You want to be remembered for the way you dance. Let's make you unforgettable: Stable, confident, connected and moving beautifully. For Leaders and Followers.

You will learn how to use your body in a relaxed and conscious way to dance beautifully

Four Levels of Musicality - Seminar

Did you know that there are FOUR layers of musicality we can express? Musicality goes far beyond phrasing, type of orchestra and speed / pause. That is just the beginning!

We will study music and our reaction to it, then add freedom of expression. It's going to be an amazing journey!

Good Hug Makes Happy!

Embrace Seminar

Everyone loves a good hug.

An embrace in tango is just that - a beautiful hug, in movement, to the music.  Being so fundamental to our dance, it needs to be amazing and inspiring!

Whether you are advanced or beginner, let's make your embrace the best ever! Your partners will come for more!


Have a question? Contact me!

+44 755 278 7401

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Thank you very much for contacting me about classes! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Olga

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