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Thank you all who participated and supported TangoBETTER Intense Practicas! We have achieved and learned so much!

We are currently not planning any more practicas but who knows, maybe soon there will be an opportunity and desire to do more? Let's stay in touch!

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Nr. 6

Explore the Deeper Side of Tango 

TangoBETTER #6, February 23-24 2019, London | Maria Filali | Jean Gaudin (special guest)

Nr. 5

London - Buenos-Aires - Paris

TangoBETTER # 5: October 5-7 2018, London | Andres Molina & Natacha Lockwood


Nr. 4

Let's Have Some Fun?

TangoBETTER #4, May 4-7 2018, London | Maja Petrović & Marko Miljević

Nr. 3

Beautiful and Elegant

TangoBETTER # 3: December 1-3 2017, London |Fausto Carpino and Stephanie Fesneau

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TangoBetter #2.jpg

Nr. 2

Practice Makes the Master

May 26-28 2017, London |Zeynep Aktar & Sercan Yigit

Nr. 1

An Exciting Start

December 2-4 2016, London | Maria Filali & Gianpiero Galdi

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Future Events: 

Don't know, maybe? We are not saying never again!

What are TangoBETTER

Intense Practica Weekends?

Dear friends,

We all love tango, we often travel to other places to dance, lots of us do workshops and take classes to improve. We have many opportunities to dance and many opportunities to learn. However, I personally have been looking for ways to improve my dance, wishing that I could practice with some of my friends living in other countries or cities with whom I have great connection. And I believed I was not the only one.

Thus came the idea of international tango Intense Practica Weekends. This is an experiment meant to help the participants gather together and practice intensely in the daytime under guidance of experienced and well-recognized teachers, dance in local milongas in the evenings, have dinners and lunches and explore the city together. We can all hang out and build much closer friendships, which is possible since we will be relatively small groups.

All TangoBETTER Intense Weekends are currently taking place in London.


  • 5 hours with a break on Saturday and Sunday each, subject to adjustments. 10 hours of intense practica altogether, 4-5 hours of guidance per day;

  • Relatively small group of people of high level, where lots of people know each other and want to work with each other. We assume ideal number of couples being 15-16;

  • Themes and topics will be selected by the participants based on a survey created once we know who is coming;

  • In order to make the maximum of all practicas, they will be guided: well-recognised and renown dancers / professionals will help us improve and share knowledge;

  • After all the hard work, we PARTY! We will have dinners together, go to milongas in the evening and build better relationships with each other and the city!

  • The Intense Practica Weekend will not be free, as the world-renown guiding dancers will be sharing a lot of their time and knowledge with us, will need to travel and stay in London as well as practice venue will need to be paid for. Fees and conditions of each event will be flexible dependent on many factors and will be published separately;

  • Accommodation could be found with local dancers or sharing AirBnB together between participants, for example. Visiting participants will be responsible for their accommodation, although we will try to help as much as we can.



  1. Let me know whether you're interested in participating in the upcoming event and whether you are available to come to London. Please remember that level of TangoBETTER events is advanced, professional or upper intermediate at the very least, to ensure best productivity for everyone during intense practicas.

  2. Think about who you would like to do this with. This is a strictly role-balanced event and everyone should find their own partner. I can help connect people where possible. 

  3. REGISTER. Participation by registered people only. Register in couples.

  4. I will provide more detailed information about each event in due course, most important information will be released before registration.


That's it about basics of this event concept. Let's get together and get TangoBETTER :)

With love,
Olga Metzner

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