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What are the KEY features of TangoBETTER?

TangoBETTER is not a dance school, a couple of teachers or an organiser.

TangoBETTER is an evolving PROJECT aimed at improving tango in London, inspiring people and breathing a new dance life into experienced local and foreign dancers.

Here is what those different things mean:

1) TangoBETTER Intense Practicas - Whole intense weekend of interactive work with best invited maestros. For advanced and professional dancers only (international) so they can work well together and later pass on the information to their students and friends. Different from a class format, practicas are meant to challenge and inspire participants to question, to experience and to interact with each other. Incorporates show and dancing in London milongas.

2) TangoBETTER Specials - Whole intense sets of workshops and classes with best invited maestros, available to all in London. Ideally we recommend to participate in the whole event, as intense non-stop work with one teaching couple is a huge boost to your tango. However, Specials have different topics and participants can also register for single workshops. For dancers of all levels.

3) TangoBETTER Workshops - One-off classes with invited or resident teachers. These workshops are available to all and always have a mini-group format. We want to dedicate maximum time to each participant. Topics are different but always useful. Best for learning something specific in tango.

4) TangoBETTER Courses - A series of classes for different levels. Course can be of intense format (like crash-course for beginners) or be regular (like the upcoming weekly classes). Best for learning to dance tango, all levels.

5) TangoBETTER Classes - Private and Semi-Private classes. All levels, all roles. Working one-on-one with a good teacher who will help you improve and make suggestions tailored just to you. Best for polishing, for deep improving and receiving a lot of really personal feedback.

We hope this is helpful!

We look forward to getting TangoBETTER with you all!

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