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Let's Make it Personal - Episode 3

Useful tips for any dancers, or anyone working with their bodies! ***** EPISODE 3 of "Let's Make It Personal" is about taking care of your dancing body if it hurts. I share with you some of the things I use after lots of dancing or long tango events when my feet, legs and sometimes my whole body are killing me. Some tips I got from friends, some discovered on my own, and some come from my days in sports. Some of these things are literary life-saviors!

***** CHECK OUT MORE USEFUL THINGS on our website! Go to and browse! Videos like this will be added weekly (check Extras) plus other fun tango/dancing stuff!

***** I also invite you for a free workshop in an informal atmosphere where we will discuss in person any dance concerns or questions you have. Exact date to be announced very soon!

Enjoy and send me your questions for the workshop!

Out of Love for Tango, Olga Metzner

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