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Let's Make It Personal - Episode 2

SO, DO YOU NEED A ROSE TO DANCE TANGO? 🌹 ******* We are so excited to finish our second video from the “Let’s Make it Personal” series!

This time, we are talking about tango if you’re a beginner or someone who doesn’t know much about it at all. What is it, what to expect and why should you do it at all. Hopefully, this will help inspire some new dancers to join us in our community!

I tried to make it factual and purposely avoided any ambiguous (although very precise) descriptions of feelings and emotions associated with tango.

******* Huge thank you to amazing photographer Serdar Kaplan from Turkey for giving me his permission to use his photos. Video and photo material to accompany comes from Belgrade Tango Festival, Aegean Tango Marathon, Taipei Tango Festival, local Buenos Aires milongas and other local milongas around the world.

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