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Is technique boring?

The absolute key to becoming a good dancer is practicing technique. A LOT OF TECHNIQUE! ____________ Small tip:

When you take classes, especially from visiting teachers, and they show you a sequence, do not focus on this sequence. The sequences or figures are there to show you what technical aspects you need to work on.

Use these sequences to see for yourself what doesn't work in your dance, and focus on that. That's the real point of any class (except musicality, that's different): to open your eyes to things you can improve. For example, if the sequence involves a back sacada and giros, and something doesn't work, take your attention to pivots, technique of steps, and disassociation. Once you fix those, you will see a difference in executing the sequence! 😉 ____________

Technique absolutely doesn't mean decorations! Technique is posture, embrace, the way you walk and the way you stand. Basics, but they should take up the majority of your practicing time.

When I started working on my tango seriously, I changed a lot in my technique. It is still by far my Nr.1 focus in couple, group and solo work. And you know, it's really worth it! No amount of most beautiful decorations and crazy figures can take away the pleasure of a beautiful embrace and secure, beautiful, cat-like walk!

Enjoy and master your technique! Olga Metzner

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