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How do we invite Maestros?

TangoBETTER invites amazing, very well-known teachers and dancers over to London to teach and make us BETTER.

How do we decide which dancers we invite? _____________________

Here is how we pick:

1) INSPIRATION. All our guests are, firstly, a huge inspiration to thousands of other dancers all over the world. The main idea of TangoBETTER is to breathe new life into our tango, so we always look for truly inspiring couples.

2) OUTSTANDING TEACHERS. The organiser personally knows each couple's teaching style, their strengths and how they approach tango classes. Lots of couples are Olga Metzner's own teachers. We always know what we get and can guarantee to be taught by the best of the best.

3) WARM, OPEN AND FRIENDLY PEOPLE. We want to make sure TangoBETTER participants become friends with our invited teachers. An open, welcoming and accessible personality is the key for that.

4) OPEN TO EXPERIMENTS. TangoBETTER is not a typical class or workshop concept. It's much more interactive, flowing and experimental. We want to have teachers who can improvise, adjust and have fun doing that!


...and they get the kick out of what they do!!!

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