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How did TangoBETTER start and WHY?

Photo by Özcan Özkan Photographer at Sultans Tango Marathon

After dancing mainly socially for years, in the beginning of 2016 I discovered that I actually enjoy studying and working on my tango more and more. It was more fulfilling and interesting to make new discoveries, not repeating same things over and over.

What I lacked was a good partner to practice with. I had nobody in London, so I thought, why not IMPORT a partner, even if temporarily? And when you invite someone to practice with you, you should also import great teachers to teach you, right? And while you do that, you can just as well invite many others to join you on this journey of studying!

And so TangoBETTER was born, as an international set of intense study weekends with some of the best teachers available. Amazing Maria Filali and Gianpiero Galdi helped me shape the idea and agreed to be the first invited maestros to test this new type of event.

All TangoBETTER weekends I do for myself and friends, therefore ensuring the quality of studying is unmatched. It is about personal development and joy in learning, to which I warmly invite you!

Olga Metzner for TangoBETTER Project

*Photo by Özcan Özkan Photographer at Sultans Tango Marathon, about the time when I started finding my true passion in development

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