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Are you bored with your tango?

Do you ever feel stuck or bored with your own dance?

It happens to absolutely everyone. Some of the most experienced dancers sometimes feel terribly bored. Yes, if you always do the same things, for years, you will get tired of them.

One of the ways to get over boredom is to practice elements in a "mirrored" way. For example, take a simple sandwich and do it to the other side. If you always lead it to your right, try leading it to your left. Or try NOT starting a boleo with a side step, but do it from the spot. On both sides. Forward and back boleo. The list of opportunities goes on.

It is a VERY good idea to learn element on both sides right from the beginning, but if you are stuck and you are an experienced dancer, challenge yourself and do the same things in different ways. Breaking patterns will show you a whole new level of fun in the dance!

This is one of the examples of what we like to work on in TangoBETTER intense weekends: breaking patterns, increasing fun, eliminating boredom. :)

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