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TangoBETTER #6, February 23-24 2019, London | Maria Filali | Jean Gaudin (special guest)

Registration opening on December 12, 2018 

TangoBETTER Intense Practica Weekend is a private event, and it will be the LAST ONE OF ITS KIND!

  • Please note that participation in TangoBETTER practica will only be possible if you register, pay the participation fee and get a confirmed spot. 

  • We welcome already experienced dancers, you have to be confident intermediate as minimum to ensure most productive work and exchange between participants. Please evaluate your dancing fairly and honestly prior to registration! 

  • Uniquely to previous practicas, this event is OPEN TO SINGLE DANCERS, no need to find a partner. We will just have to make sure numbers are even.

  • I will try to do my best to make everyone happy, but remember that this event is limited to max.30 people so register on time! 

Please find all necessary information by clicking on one of these:

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