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About Practica Leader: Maria Filali, the Tango Legend

and our special guest Jean Gaudin, dance coach and choreographer

TangoBETTER #6, February 23-24 2019, London | Maria Filali | Jean Gaudin (special guest)


Maria Filali needs little introduction.

She was the first person I turned to with the idea of TangoBETTER intense weekends, she helped me shape the concept. She and her partner Gianpiro Galdi were also the first practica leaders at TangoBETTER #1, and we all came out from that weekend inspired, exhausted, with a completely unique body awareness and full of ideas. 


So I decided to invite Maria back to us. This TB will be different than any before, and we worked and talked a lot with her about it, to make it special and to really bring Maria's strongest ideas across to the participants, to make us grow to the maximum. 

Maria is one of my main teachers in tango. She is an inspiration for countless amount of tango dancers, due to her in-depth approach to teaching and dancing. The way she moves and expresses herself in the dance speaks a million things, which is also her key focus in her work. 

Expression, emotion, communication and mutual inspiration in the couple is what she is so well known for. She has extensive experience in teaching, performing and social dancing. She has worked with some of world's biggest tango names. She is indeed a tango legend, a tango inspiration. 


Jean Gaudin: the dance coach who will open your eyes to things beyond what we know and how we think about tango

He is one of the most renowned choreographers of contemporary dance. Based in Paris, France, he is a dance coach who works with some of the most well-known dance companies. For more than 30 years, he has been creating projects at the crossroads of theater, circus, opera, video and, of course, dance. 

Jean is not a tango dancer, but a professional dance coach who has ability to have vision that goes above a particular style of dance. 

He will look at what the dancers have in mind, what their aspirations are, what they want to achieve. And then he will come up with ideas that would open up minds and inspire dancers to achieve what they want. It is often important to be able to look beyond the emotions and the efforts of creating. This is where Jean offers the attentive eat, the sensitive eye and the quality of critique to help dancers push themselves past what they thought was possible.

Jean will be with us offering special coaching sessions to 8 couples only. This will be a unique experience for those determined to explore more. 

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