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Practica Topics

TangoBETTER #6, February 23-24 2019, London | Maria Filali | Jean Gaudin (special guest)


1. Workshop open to all, 2 hrs:

  • Posture in movement

Connection, movement in space, individually and in couple. 

  • Abrazo

Timing in the connection, continuity in linear movements and in changing direction


2. Closed group Practica

Topic: Quality of movement / density / presence.

The “subtext” of the embrace: communicating the "state of your body and mind" through your connection.





1. Workshop open to all, 2 hrs:

  • The use of the spiral  in the dance

For a fluid, continuous dance / with special focus on connection mechanism in circular movements.

  • Developing movements into on and off axis 


2. Closed group Practica

Topic: Connection and density.

Discovering the Individuality of each dancer in the couple.

“Diving” into ones emotions to find a reason to move.


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