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Better Social Dancer

Free Workshops for Social Dancing Skills 

Already dancing tango socially or just starting?

Let's have a chat about the best way to do it!


Next Free Workshop for Social Dancing Skills:

Friday, February 16,  19.00-20.00

More in the future!

Dear Dancers, 

You are going to milongas and want to enjoy social dancing even more. Or maybe you are just starting to dance socially and would like to know, what are the best strategies and get tips on how to get dances. Or maybe you are not dancing as much as you'd like to? Do you ever bump into other people on the floor?


I want everyone to enjoy milongas as much as possible. To help you, I offer free workshops  on skills for social dancing. We will talk about very important things like:


  • Navigation on the dance floor and managing traffic

  • Behavior at milongas

  • Getting dances / avoiding unwanted dances

  • Dressing, smelling and shoes

  • Some technical elements of your dance to help you manage unpredictability of social dancing

  • Answering your questions

  • Many other skills. 

My aim is to get everyone dancing with more pleasure, have more fun, and be better social dancers. We want London dancers and visitors to always have the best experiences!

Participation: It is fee but you need to register. Number of participants will be limited to 8


When: Next: February 16th. Afterwards: various dates, look out for announcements


Cost: None, it's free! 

Location: Central London


I am looking forward to sharing some very helpful knowledge with you!


Check out these wonderful illustrations by Les Pas Parfaits!

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Register for the next workshop!

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+44 755 278 7401

Thank you very much for contacting me about classes! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Olga

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