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Dance Outside the Box

Let's Get Creative.

Discover the Exciting Way of Generating Endless Ideas

Do you ever wonder how to create your own moves, each and every time? It means never running out of ideas, being completely free, always having fun and never experiencing boredom!

Let's do it!


Upcoming Dance Outside the Box Workshop:

Wednesday, May 30,  7 - 9.30pm

More in the future!

  • Understand

  • Break

  • reassemble

  • Create

What do you need to be endlessly creative?

Dear Dancers, 

Let's generate endless joy when we dance. ​

Have you ever wondered how tango moves are created? The reason Chicho Frumboli became world-famous, is because he broke all rules, and got creative without any limits.

Let's break away from the routine and learn how to generate countless possibilities for most uncommon moves and figures at any point of time! These kind of skills is what gets us huge amount of pleasure and inspiration, as well as love and appreciation from our partners. 


Let's explode our dancing templates to pieces and learn the trick to helps us be creative! In this intense semi-private workshop, we will go over basic elements of each and every single move in tango, understand how figures are created, then deconstruct a few figures, and finish up with exercising our own brand new figures. 

This will be an intense, very interesting and challenging workshop, so please make sure you're not a complete beginner!

How to book: Register! Couples only, place for max. 4 couples!


When and Duration: 2.5 hours. Wednesday, May 30, 7 - 9.30pm


Cost: £40 per Couple

Location: Central London

Waiting for you and looking forward!


Max 4 Couples

Registration with partners

Challenging and fun workshop!

Our aim is for you to have your A-HA!-moment and to have more fun than your ever did before!

You have wishes or want to ask me a question?

+44 755 278 7401

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Thank you very much for contacting me about classes! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Olga

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