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Let us inspire you.

We are dedicated to beauty, growth and joy of dancing

Private Classes

with Olga

I invite you to work with me individually on things that will transform your dance, embrace, balance, connection and confidence. Make a difference in your tango!

My aim is to inspire you, make you feel and look beautiful and help you reach new heights in tango

Dancers that Amaze

Deep Technique

You want to be remembered for the way you dance. Let's make you unforgettable: Stable, confident, connected and moving beautifully. For Leaders and Followers.

You will learn how to use your body in a relaxed and conscious way to dance beautifully



Feminine Power and Adornos Workshop

Ladies, we have power, beauty and we are expressive! Let's learn how to walk like cats, use our beautiful feet and even suggest moves and our own interpretations to our leaders! 

Followers do so much more than just following! Let's give colour and spice to our every move, every dance! 

I Love Your Musicality!

Dance with the Music

Music is what unites us, but do you know how to use music to really fly? Learn all about the most important things you need to dance with beautiful musicality and joy.

Give your dance wings! You just need to know what to pay attention to in the music, and respond with creativity

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