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Olga Metzner

What is TangoBETTER?

Multi-Faceted Tango Project

Welcome Friends!


TangoBETTER is a multi-faceted project that I started running in 2016. It is dedicated to study and improvement of tango and our community. Parts of it are completely non-commercial, such as intense practica weekends with advanced dancers (this is how we started!)


But as time went, I saw the need for more, and wanted to make TangoBETTER a project available to all dancers, of all levels. It is meant to help you find your own dance, grow in quality, not only quantity, improve your technique and for our community to grow better and closer together. I will also go on collaborating with many organizers in London and abroad, to bring us all closer together.


Therefore TangoBETTER is slowly transforming and growing into a larger project with classes, workshops and intense weekends with local and foreign teachers, as well as myself, and will continue to be dedicated to improvement and inspiration in our tango community. 


So follow TangoBETTER, and I can guarantee to bring you quality study and improvement opportunities!

With love for our Tango World,

Olga Metzner

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