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Looking for a PERFECT partner #2


If you have no partner, but you want to improve anyway, what do you do? To continue with the first article on the topic of partners, we have some more useful tips!

OK, you might need a partner for most workshops and classes. At least, it is MUCH more beneficial if you make all the effort possible to come with a partner.

But then you need to PRACTICE all the learned material, and nobody is available. I know the problem, I've been there many times. Here is what I do:

1) Go to practica or very informal milonga and look around. Do you know anyone you like? (NEVER try this at normal / formal milongas if you don't want to be banned!)

2) Approach them and say, there is this one thing you'd like to try, that you've just learned or that doesn't work yet. Ask them if they can do ONE thing with you. People usually don't mind helping a little, even if they are not up for full practica.

3) VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't take more than 10-15 min of their time!!!! Unless they want more, of course :)

4) If you are a follower, you might not be able to get the leader to lead the EXACT thing you want, but as long as it's something similar it's ok, you can still practice the concept. If you are a leader, TRY leading the follower. Independent of her level, if you lead something well, she will get it.

5) If you are at an informal milonga (NEVER try this at formal milongas), go to a corner, don't do it on the dance floor!!!

6) Once again, do only ONE thing at a time. If all goes well, this person might want to do more, or some other time. In my experience, they also even suggested practicing more by themselves!

7) In any case, try this with different people. 10 min with this person, 10 min with that, 15 with someone else, 5 more... et Voila! - you have 40 min of practice already! It's already a good start!

8) Keep doing this. You will find a person / a few people who might get inspired to do more, deeper, maybe for a full hour or two!

Happy practicing! Every minute of it and every attempt helps!

We also covered some other tips about partners here: Finding a PERFECT Partner #1

Let us know if you have questions or want to add something!

With Love for Tango, Olga Metzner

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